1. My favorite place to embroider is in cafés. I love people watching and on rare occasions I can eavesdrop (although in France it has been very hard..still learning french, very slowly.) I am doing a bit of experimenting with the bag shapes, so stay tuned friends!

  2. Just finished sewing this lil b!!

  3. And stuff

  4. Up<o>close!


  5. sad-gurl420 said: ps. what kinda pen do you use for tracing? thanks so so much! i love all your stuff!

    Thanks! I use whatever is around me, I usually trace my drawings with a pencil and then after go over it with a black or blue pen. I don’t use fancy fabric pens or anything like that.

    <o> <o>


  6. sad-gurl420 said: hi! i just began to embroider in hopes of creating some fun and cool things! as a beginner, i kinda just went to my local art shop and hot some fabric that i was told is for embroidery, as well as some yarn and needles. unfortunately, i noticed that the fabric i purchased is like super thing and created some big holes (if that makes sense) in my stitches. also, i noticed the thread i used really bunched up in some spots. it wasn't as even as yours. can you help me out?

    hi! I think the best thing to do is to google Embroidery and also watch videos on youtube, There are a lot of resources out there. Also it’s good to break up the strands in your embroidery floss, I embroider with only 2 strands most of the time. Embroidering takes some practice and a lot of patience so keep it up!

  7. Squiggle-line-line

  8. À demain!

  9. Back at it!

  10. I took another mini trip, to Annecy this time. Didn’t get to embroider much. Ready to get back at it.